Cards Sent May 3

Bev Waller

Warren Adams

Cards Sent March 29

Cards Sent March 22
James Walton
James Wilhelm

Cards Sent May 17
Aida Torres

Bud Schleret

Malinda Brown (JR)

Cards Sent May 10
Bev Waller

Gladys Bieber

Ruth Livingston (AS)

Updated May 30, 2017

God’s abundance
Our health

Malinda Brown - healthy

Prayer Concerns:
Aida Torres (AW)
Bev Waller (AS)
Bob & Mary Petrie (AS)
Bud Schleret (AS)
Carolyn Thompson (SL)
Cheri Gamble (RC)
Chuck Newville (MB)
Cynthia McCaleb (SL)
Ernest Lawrence (JR)
Gloria Goss (SL)
James Walton (WS)
Judy Faircloth (JR)
Larry Beasley (JR)
Lester Varner (AW)
Lisa Gallo (GH)
Mark & Jane Jones (AW)
Nancy Robinson & Family (SL)
Reva Varner (AW)

NOTE:  The Prayer Warriors will take a break in meeting over the summer.  If you have any specific prayer requests, please be sure to contact either Pastor Andy, or someone else in the church.

"Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer."  Romans 12:12.

The PRAYER WARRIORS are a group of dedicated congregational members who meet each Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. in the First Presbyterian Church of Lake Alfred's Library. 

Pastor Andy has devotional time with the group, and then they spend time praying for others in need, and sending out cards of prayer and well wishes.

The atmosphere is very casual, and we would love to have you join us whenever you can.

Cards Sent April 19

Jean Juckette

Viola Price

Cards Sent March 15
Jim Buchanan
Laura Tarver
Lucille Newbold

Cards Sent April 5
Brendan Hutchinson

Norma Carter