8/30/2020 "Can Can Sunday"  Our goal is to collect 106 canned food items to go to the local food bank. Lots of music, Scripture verses, storytelling, laughter and sincere hearts. 

Updated June 20, 2024


 7 Marks of Congregational Vitality:

1. Lifelong Discipleship Formation vs. complacent “Christian” piety; simply teaching good morals; or offering the latest programs.

2. Intentional Authentic Evangelism vs. “Jesus freaks”; “Christian” hypocrisy; a committee responsibility.

3. Outward Incarnational Focus vs. inward institutional survival; closed communities of assimilation/exclusion

4. Empower Servant Leadership vs. The pastor’s job; monopolized leadership; hiring the young energetic pastor; burning out good volunteers.

5. Spirit-Inspired Worship vs. self-gratifying worship; stale ritual divorced of meaning; or consumer entertainment worship

6. Caring Relationships vs. any other social club; facades, hypocrisy and judgments of the “church” and “religion”

7. Ecclesial Health vs. unhealthy dysfunction; toxic environments; obsolete and irrelevant buildings.



Living out our Mission Statement

"Moving together with Christ in loving acceptance, growing faith and reaching out."

Church Activities