Holy Week 2017

Friday, April 14, 2017

We had a wonderful Good Friday/Tenebrae Service, starting with Scripture and then homily about "What's So Good About Good Friday" by Pastor Andy.

We then began the Tenebrae part of our service, where we had ten readings from Scripture that traced the story of Christ's passion.  As each reading was completed, that person removed an item from the Sanctuary recreating the emotional aspects of the passion story.  The service concluded with Pastor Andy carrying out the empty cross, and everyone left in silence.

Thank you to Laylie Figueroa for gracing us with her beautiful voice again this Easter week.  Laylie sang during the offertory, accompanied by Iris Albritton (Director of Music) and chimes by Bev Waller.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

What a glorious Easter Sunday worship we had with the Sanctuary full of lilies and spring flowers.  We began with rebuilding the church and bringing back in items that had been taken out of the church at our Good Friday/Tenebrae Service on Friday, April 14.  Pastor Andy led the procession carrying the cross back in followed John Duncan carrying the white cloth to be placed on the cross symbolizing Jesus Christ resurrection.  Also followed by Nancy Staley (rooster), Jim Jacoby (crown of thorns),  Bev Waller (candle), Deb Jacoby (candle), Gladys Bieber (communion chalice & saucer), Patrick Maio (Bible), Joyce Wrisley (communion pitcher), and Malinda Buchanan (communion plate).  Click on the link below to view the procession.  Music was provided by Iris Albritton (Director of Music) on the flute.  Click on picture below to see the processional.